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Hi, I am Annika!

I am a buoyant, multi-lingual sustainability-focussed Business Consultant with an affinity for project and operations management. 

My path has led me from Germany, over Great Britain to South Africa and has provided me with a broad spectrum of international work experience in all kinds and sizes of projects (corporate, NPO, research, event, urban development - you name it.).


Before, as well as during my working career, I graduated from three different Universities with a Honours in Business and Management, followed by a MSc in Sustainability & Consulting as well as a MSc in Sustainable Development & Humanitarian Aid. Therefore, I would describe myself is a strategic-thinking, multi-lingual Consultant and Environmental Impact Assessment Practitioner (IEMA),  with a lot of passion for preserving people and the planet. I am experienced in operations and project management, CSR and non-financial reporting, as well as community engagement & have been doing a great deal of direct marketing and operations for various SMEs. My strengths lie in improving existing systems and operations according to you and your organisation's needs,  within the boundaries of the environment, and as a contribution to society.

With AQ Consulting I have been putting my focus on working with small to medium-sized businesses to enhance their triple-bottom-line as well as their overall operational capacity through various improvements in their strategies & systems, backends, social-media appearance and network. 

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Strategic Planning 

Ethics & Sustainability 

Innovation & Research


AQ (abbrv. Adaptability Quotient) is considered as a new way of measuring a persons or an organisations ability to adapt to changes and thrive in challenging times, thus the ability to stay ahead of competition (Harvard Business Review, 2011).


With AQ Consulting I am aiming to offer you reliable, individual and highly professional consulting, planning and administrative services.


AQ will provide you with experience, knowledge and the tools to measure and report your operational impacts, support you in decision-making and help you in finding efficient ways to enhance social, economic and environmental sustainability.

In a world where technological, social and environmental changes happen at an increasingly fast pace, flexibility is imperative.

Having the ability to change directions and to manage the unforeseen are mandatory in ensuring the sustainability of any undertaking in this day and age. 


AQ will aid you in analysing your capabilities and opportunities and show new paths that will lead to increased and sustainable economic potential, while ensuring a triple bottom line approach in everything you do. 


If you’re interested in learning more about increasing your competitiveness and longevity on the market, through managing you internal and external resources sustainably and flexibly, while responding to latest social and legislative requirements contact me for a 

30 min individual consultation free of charge!

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